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How to Get Into Reading Books: 57 Awesome Tips for Beginners

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Most people think that books are a waste of time and they would rather be doing something else. With the internet and all its distractions, it’s no wonder people think that books are a waste of time.

Who has time to read when there are so many other things to do?

Reading a book can be a different experience than anything else out there. They can take you on adventures, teach you new things, and make you think about things in a different way.

If you’re looking for ways to get into reading, then look no further! We’ve compiled 57 tips for book newbies just like you!

Book tips 1

1. Start by reading what interests you

If you’re looking for a way to get into reading, one of the best things you can do is start by reading certain books that interest you. After all, what’s the point of reading if it isn’t interesting?

Once you find a few books that catch your eye, look up reviews and see what other people are saying about them. From there, you can decide whether or not they’re worth your time.

And if you’re still not sure, remember that you can always sample a book before committing to reading the whole thing.

2. Don’t be afraid to start with a shorter book

A lot of people feel like they need to start with the big, classic novels in order to really get into reading. And while it’s true that those books are often amazing, they can also be pretty daunting.

If you’re just starting to get into reading, it’s totally understandable to want to focus on shorter books. They’re less intimidating and therefore more likely to hold your attention.

Once you get into the habit of reading, you can gradually start working your way up to longer books. But even if you never read a single classic novel, that’s okay!

You’ll still be able to find plenty of great stories by contemporary authors. The important thing is that you’re reading and enjoying yourself.

3. Find a place where you can read without distractions

Anyone who has ever tried to read a book in a busy cafe knows how difficult it can be to focus when there are distractions all around.

Whether it’s the sound of someone ordering their coffee or the constant flow of people walking by, it can be hard to keep your mind on the task at hand.

That’s why it’s important to find a place where you can read without distractions. If you can focus on the words on the page, you’ll be able to read more books and retain more information.

And who knows? You might even enjoy reading more if you’re not constantly being interrupted.

So next time you’re looking for a spot to curl up with a good book, make sure it’s somewhere you can focus.

Book tips 2

4. Let the characters and plot pull you in

Reading can be a gateway to feel transported to another life, even if just for a little while.

When you’re fully invested in a book, it’s easy to lose track of time as you become caught up in the characters’ world and story.

The best books are the ones where you feel like you know the characters, and you can’t wait to see how the plot unfolds.

If you’re not feeling pulled into a book, it’s probably time to put it down and find one that better suits your interests. Life is too short to force yourself to read something you’re not enjoying.

Instead, let the characters and plot pull you in and transport you to another world.

5. Be patient – it may take time to enjoy reading

It may be difficult to believe, but some of the most life-changing moments can come from picking up a book. However, these life-altering experiences don’t always happen overnight.

Sometimes, it can take days, weeks, or even months to get into a book and start enjoying it. And that’s okay!

Be patient with yourself and don’t give up if you’re not immediately captivated by what you’re reading. It’s important to remember that not every book is for everyone.

Just because your best friend loved a particular book doesn’t mean that you will too.

So take your time, explore different genres and authors, and eventually, you’ll find something that you can really sink your teeth into.

6. Make time for reading – even if it’s just three hours per week

The average American adult reads 12 books a year, according to the PEW Research Center, with half of all adults reading 4 or fewer. Adults with a college education read 17 books each year, with half reading 7 or less. There is not much of a difference in the long run.

If you’re like most people, you probably find it hard to find time to read during your busy schedule. But even if you can only spare three hours per week, that’s enough time to read one book every month.

And if you make reading a priority, you may be surprised at how quickly you can get through a book. Just think – if you dedicated three hours per week to reading, you could easily read 48 books in a year.

If you ever have some spare time, pick up a book and start reading. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Book tips 3

7. Always have a book with you at all times

Anyone who loves to read knows that it’s always important to have a book on hand. After all, you never know when you’ll have a few minutes to spare and want to jump into another world.

That’s why the seventh reading tip is to always have a book with you.

Whether you keep it in your purse or backpack, having a book with you at all times will ensure that you’re never without something to read.

And if you find yourself stuck somewhere with nothing to do, you can always pull out your book and escape into its pages.

8. Take advantage of your local library

If you’re looking for a way to get into reading, your local library is a great place to start.

Libraries offer a variety of services, including free books, e-books, magazines, and more.

You can also take advantage of the library’s online resources, which include databases with thousands of articles and e-books.

Most libraries also offer programs and events for all ages, so you can explore different genres and meet other book lovers.

9. Join or start a book club

Not only do they provide a community of book lovers, but they also offer a variety of perspectives on books.

If you’re not sure where to start, your local library is a great place to find book clubs. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can start your own book club.

All you need is a group of friends who are interested in reading and discussing books.

Book tips 4

10. Read aloud to yourself

Reading out loud to yourself might seem strange, but it’s an excellent approach to getting into reading.

When you read aloud, you’re able to hear the words more clearly and understand them better. You’re also able to focus on the story without being distracted by other things.

Plus, it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

11. Read with a friend or family member

Not only does it make the experience more fun, but it also provides a different perspective on the book.

If you’re having trouble understanding something, your friend or family member may be able to explain it to you.

And if you disagree with something your friend says, you can discuss it further.

12. Get involved in online book communities

These communities provide a place for book lovers to come together and discuss their favorite books.

You can find online book communities on websites, social media, and forums. This is another good way to meet new people who share your love of reading.

Book tips 5

13. Go to author readings and signings

Not only do you get to hear the author read from their book, but you also have the opportunity to ask them questions.

Many authors also do signings after their readings, so you can get your book signed.

14. Attend literary festivals

Literary festivals are great! These festivals offer a variety of events, including author readings, panel discussions, book signings, and more.

It’s a fantastic way to meet other bookworms and discover new things about various subjects.

15. Meet other book lovers

One of the best ways to get into reading is to meet other book lovers.

This can be done in a variety of ways, such as joining or starting a book club, attending author readings and signings, or attending literary festivals.

Book lovers are always happy to talk about their favorite books and share their love of reading.

Book tips 6

16. Read different genres

This can be done by attending author readings and signings, going to literary festivals, or joining or starting a book club.

Reading different genres can help you find the type of books that you enjoy the most.

17. Read non-fiction and fiction books

You don’t have to read only fiction books to get into reading.

You can also read non-fiction books, such as biographies, memoirs, and histories.

Non-fiction books can be just as interesting as fiction books and they often provide a different perspective on events.

18. Get recommendations from friends, family, and bookstores

Everyone has different tastes in books, so it’s important to get recommendations from friends, family, and bookstores.

Bookstores often have employees who are passionate about reading and can recommend great books for you to read.

Friends and family members are also great sources of recommendations. They know what type of books you’ll enjoy the most.

Book tips 7

19. Find new authors

There are a lot of great authors out there, so it’s important to find new authors to read.

There are many ways to find new authors. You can read book reviews, attend author readings, or look for author interviews online.

You can also browse through the books at your local bookstore and see which authors you’re interested in.

20. Try different formats – audiobooks, eBooks, physical books

Not everyone enjoys reading the same way. Some people prefer to read physical books, while others prefer to read eBooks.

Other people enjoy listening to audiobooks while they’re driving or working out. It’s important to try different formats until you find one that you enjoy the most.

21. Take notes while you read

Note-taking can help you remember the important details from the books that you read. You can take notes on a physical notepad or in a note-taking app on your phone or computer.

Taking notes can also help you analyze and discuss books with other book lovers.

Book tips 8

22. Put together a reading list

Many readers like to put together a reading list of the books they want to read.

This can be done by making a list on your computer or in a note-taking app, or you can print out a physical list.

Having a reading list can help you keep track of the books you want to read and it can also help you find a new book.

23. Set reading goals

Start off by setting a simple goal of reading 2 pages per day. Once you’re able to meet that goal, increase it to reading 10 pages per day.

Eventually, try to work your way up to reading one book per week and at least 20 books per year.

24. Track your progress

Speaking of tracking your progress, it’s a good idea to track the books that you read.

You can do this by creating an online account on a book website or by using a note-taking app.

It’s also helpful to keep track of the books that you own and the books that you’ve read. This will help you stay organized and it will make it easier for you to find a book to read.

Book tips 9

25. Join Goodreads

Goodreads is a website and app that allows you to track the books that you read, see what your friends are reading, and join book clubs.

It’s easier than ever to discover new books via Goodreads. It can also assist you in finding the next book you want to read.

26. Write reviews

When you finish a book, it’s a good idea to write a review of it. This can be done on Goodreads, Amazon, or your own blog.

Reviews are a fantastic method to communicate your views on books with other people and can even help you remember what you’ve read.

27. Start a blog or vlog

Also, starting a blog or vlog about books may be an excellent method to meet other book enthusiasts.

You can talk about the books that you’re reading, post book reviews, and discuss different aspects of reading.

Blogging and vlogging about books can be a lot of fun and it’s a cool way to share your love of reading with others.

Book tips 10

28. Make friends with other book lovers

The book community is a great place to make friends with other people who love books. You can find book communities on social media, in bookstores, and online.

Book lovers are the best people to talk to about books and they’re always happy to recommend a new book to read.

29. Connect with authors on social media

Many authors have social media accounts where they talk about their books, answer questions from readers, and give away free copies of their books.

It’s a great idea to connect with authors on social media so you can learn more about them and their books.

30. Go to bookstores and browse

One of the best ways to find new books to read is to go to bookstores and browse. You can find bookstores in most towns and cities, and they’re a great place to find new books.

You can also find book signings, author readings, and other events at your local bookstore.

Book tips 11

31. Check out the staff picks section

The staff at your local bookstore will recommend their favorite books and you can find them in the staff picks section.

You can also ask the staff at your bookstore for recommendations.

32. Explore different sections of the bookstore

The different sections of a bookstore can be a great place to find new books to read. You can explore the fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, and other sections of a bookstore.

Try not to stick to one section of the bookstore and explore all of the different sections.

33. Join the bookstore’s loyalty program

Many bookstores have loyalty programs that allow you to earn rewards for buying books. The rewards can include discounts on future purchases, free books, and other incentives.

Joining a bookshop’s loyalty program is an excellent approach to help save money on books.

Book tips 12

34. Ask the bookstore employees for recommendations

The employees at a bookstore can be a great source of recommendations for books to read. They’ll know about the latest releases and they can recommend different genres of books to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask the employees at your local bookstore for book recommendations.

35. Check out online bookstores

Online bookstores are a great place to find books to read. You can find a wide variety of books on online bookstores and you can order them from the comfort of your own home.

Some online bookstores also have e-books and audiobooks that you can download onto your device.

36. Shop small and independent bookstores

There are many small and independent bookstores that are worth checking out. These bookstores often have a more personal feel and they offer a wider selection of books than big chain bookstores.

Small and independent bookstores are the best places to find unique books to read.

Book tips 13

37. Attend used book sales

You’ll be surprised at the number of used book sales that are held throughout the year.

Used book sales are a great place to find cheap books and you can find a variety of different genres at these sales.

So go ahead and start building up your book collection by attending used book sales.

38. Go to garage sales and look for books

A ton of garage sales have books for sale and you can find some great deals on books.

You can find a variety of different genres at garage sales and you can usually find a good selection of children’s books.

39. Get creative with your reading space

If you’re not a fan of reading in bed, get creative with your reading space. You can read in the living room, on the porch, or in any other space that you enjoy.

Just find a place where you feel comfortable reading and relax while you read your favorite book.

Book tips 14

40. Make your reading space comfortable

Along with getting creative with your reading space, make sure that it’s comfortable. You’ll want to have a comfortable chair or couch, good lighting, and a place to put your drinks and snacks.

Creating a comfortable reading space is key to enjoying your reading experience.

41. Invest in some good quality lights

Lighting is key when it comes to reading and you’ll want to invest in some good quality lights. You can buy floor lamps, table lamps, or any other type of light that will help you read comfortably.

42. Get a bookmark or two

Bookmarks are a great way to keep your place in a book and they’re also a fun way to decorate your books. You can find a variety of different bookmarks online or at your local bookstore.

Book tips 15

43. Have a reading blanket or pillow

A reading blanket or pillow helps you to feel more comfortable while reading. You can find blankets and pillows that are designed for reading, or you can use your own blankets and pillows.

44. Get a cute mug for your reading space

A cute mug is a great way to add personality to your reading space.

You can find mugs with book quotes or designs, or you can find mugs that represent your favorite book.

45. Take care of your books

There’s nothing worse than having a book that’s falling apart. Make sure to take care of your books by keeping them in a safe place and not bending the spine.

If you take care of your books, they’ll last longer and you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years.

Book tips 16

46. Keep your bookshelf organized

A cluttered bookshelf is not a fun sight. Make sure to keep your bookshelf organized by alphabetizing the books or by genre.

This will make it easier for you to find the books that you’re looking for.

47. Display your books proudly

Display your books proudly by hanging them on a bookshelf or by using a book stand. This will show everyone that you love reading and it will also add some personality to your reading space.

48. Read before bed

A good way to wind down at night is to read a book before bed. This will help you relax and it will also help you fall asleep faster.

There are many benefits to reading before bed and it’s a great way to end your day.

Book tips 17
How to Get Into Reading Books: 57 Awesome Tips for Beginners

49. Wake up early and read

If you wake up early, use that time to read a book. Starting your day with a good book is a fantastic habit to start.

One of the most beneficial habits overall is reading, but the reason why reading first thing in the morning is such an exceptional habit to have is that it stimulates your mind and gets you in the mood to learn and produce.

50. Read during your lunch break

Utilize your lunch break by reading a book. This is a great way to relax and learn something new.

It’s more beneficial to read during your lunch break than to go through your Facebook feed.

Who knows, you may even finish the book before the day is over!

51. Find other places to read besides your home

Changing up your reading environment may help you get out of a reading slump. If you’re finding it hard to read at home, try reading at a coffee shop, library, or park.

Finding other places to read allows you to add some variety to your reading routine.

Book tips 18

52. Read in waiting rooms

Waiting rooms are a great place to read because there’s usually nothing else to do. This is a perfect opportunity to read that book you’ve been wanting to read for months.

Waiting rooms are also a great place to get some reading done if you’re short on time.

53. Take your book with you on vacation

If you’re going on vacation, make sure to bring your book with you. Vacations are the perfect time to read, and you’ll have plenty of time to finish the book.

Not only will you be able to relax on vacation, but you’ll also be able to read a good book.

54. Read while you exercise

This may sound like a strange combination, but reading while you exercise can actually be really beneficial.

It can take some getting used to, but it’s an effective way to multitask and get in some reading time.

Book tips 19

55. Listen to audiobooks while you commute

Let’s be honest, commuting can be really boring. Make the time go by faster by listening to audiobooks.

Also, audiobooks are very convenient because you can listen to them while you’re driving, walking, or cleaning the house.

56. Make time for reading every day

This may mean setting aside 30 minutes or an hour each day to read.

If you make time for reading every day, you’ll eventually start to enjoy it and you’ll find yourself wanting to read more and more.

57. Read at least one book a month

Don’t feel like you need to read a lot of books in order to call yourself a reader. Try reading at least one book a month and see how you like it.

You can even start off with a shorter book so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


Reading can be a great way to learn new things, get inspired, and escape reality for a while.

It’s never too late to start reading or make time for it in your life. I hope these tips help you get into reading and develop a love for it!

Do you have any other tips for reading newbies? Share them in the comments below!

Happy reading!

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